CRUMBSUCKERS "Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983-1985" Double LP Vinyl

Image of CRUMBSUCKERS "Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983-1985" Double LP Vinyl


CRUMBSUCKERS "Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983-1985" Double LP Vinyl. OUT OF PRINT.
This is the most extensive, high quality retrospective of the pre-”Life Of Dreams” recordings. Features 69 songs including all of their Demos (the legendary “Crumbsucker Cave” demo 1983, “Charge Of The Light Brigade” Demo 1985 and two unreleased Basement Tapes 1983-1984) + a bonus CD with 3 great sounding live sets from 1984-1985 at CBGB‘s… This collection shows the band’s natural evolution from basic, no frills early ’80s Hardcore to the mad thrashing assault that made “Life Of Dreams” and “B.O.M.B.” two unforgettable albums.

All the stuff included here features their former singer David Brady (who also compiled the collection), and displays embryonic versions of all those anthems that were later re-recorded on their debut masterpiece, plus a bunch of unreleased tracks!

Black Vinyl. Three sided double LP (one side silk-screened featuring the original Taggart’s crumb sucker art) housed in a thick gatefold jacket including rare photos, flyers and liner notes + exclusive artwork by Lucas Kalina… bonus Live at CBGB CD sealed inside of the gatefold in a 5″ cardboard sleeve! Import from Italy.

Track Listing:

Tracks 1-5 from 1983 "Crumbsucker Cave" Demo.
1. A-Ok
2. The Twist
3. Emil Mauer (You Dick!)
4. Kids In My School
5. Don't Like It
Tracks 6-13 from 1985 "Charge Of The Light Brigade" Demo.
6. (Just) Sit There
7. Shits Creek
8. Shot Down
9. Interlude
10. Trapped
11. Brainwashed
12. Live To Work
13. Charge Of The Light Brigade

1. Shot Down
2. The Solution
3. Jail Bait (Pre Hub Run)
4. (Just) Sit There
5. Oh, What Fun !?!
6. The Crumbsucker
7. Be Yourself
8. Emil Mauer (You Dick!)
9. Don't Like It
10. Genocide
11. Budweiser Blues

1. Hub Run
2. Shot Down
3. Bullshit Society
4. The Solution
5. (Just) Sit There
6. Super Tuesday
7. Be Yourself
8. Shits Creek
9. Oh, What Fun !?!
10. Shot Down
11. Budweiser Blues
12. The Crumbsucker
13. The Solution
14. Inspector Gadget


LIVE AT CBGB 1984-1985
Tracks 1-8 Live At CBGB March 1985.
1. Intro
2. Trapped
3. Shot Down
4. Be Yourself
5. Shits Creek
6. Super Tuesday
7. Brainwashed
8. Live To Work
Tracks 9-25 Live At CBGB September 22, 1985.
9. Moment Of Silence / Prelude
10. Shits Creek
11. Shot Down
12. Face Of Death
13. Interlude
14. Trapped
15. Live To Work
16. Hub Run
17. Return To The Womb
18. Brainwashed
19. (Just) Sit There
20. Life Of Dreams
21. Charge Of The Light Brigade
22. Bullshit Society
23. Super Tuesday
24. The Crumbsucker
25. Inspector Gadget
Tracks 26-31 Live At CBGB November 11, 1984.
26. The Solution
27. Don't Like It
28. Budweiser Blues
29. The Crumbsucker
30. Bullshit Society
31. Sweet Leaf